Terms and Conditions

Below are our Terms and Conditions you agree with by making the booking request.

Minimum advance reservation time

We keep a minimum advance reservation time of 24 hours before check-in that a guest can book a room.

Cancellation policy
  • To confirm your booking we need to receive a deposit of 50% of the total amount. 
  • Full refund: You will receive 100% of the deposit if you cancel before 30 days prior to arrival date. 
  • Partial refund: You will get refund of 50% of the deposit if you cancel before 15 days pre-arrival. 
  • The deposit is non-refundable from 15 days prior to the arival date, including no show on the day of check-in. 
  • There will be no refunds for early departures, for breakdowns of air conditioner, appliances, etc, if said breakdown is due to weather or other conditions over which the owner has no control.
Check-in check-out
  • Foreign nationals must have their passports (with valid visa) with them when they arrive. 
  • Original ID proof documents must be provided at the reception before check-in. 
  • Passport, Aadhar, Driving License and Govt. ID are accepted as ID proof(s). 
  • Couples below 18 years of age are not allowed at the property. 
  • Check-in time is 2pm IST and check-out is before 11am IST.  You are welcome to ask if an early check-in or a late check-out is possible and our team will advise you depending upon our occupancy and our guests’ timings. We will do our best to accommodate you if we have availability. 
  • Room keys on arrival: During normal working hours the keys will be handed over to the guest after final payment and administration. Special arrangements for key collection must be made for late arrivals. 
  • Room keys during long term stay: Long term stay over guests must lock their rooms on their way out and keep their set of keys for the duration of stay. 
  • Lost key or damage to locks- The cost for replacement of lost room keys or damaged locks is applicable and to be paid immediately. 
  • The only drugs allowed in the room are the ones that come with prescription . The use of so called soft drugs/ hash or marijuana is not allowed in the public areas. The use of soft drugs on the premises is not allowed.  
  • Smoking is injurious to this room. Smoking of cigarettes is only allowed outside the building, you can however smoke on the veranda and ashtrays have been provided. The use of drugs and being in the possession of it is strictly forbidden and are not permitted on the premises. 
  • All public areas and guest bedrooms inside the building are non smoking. Should you found to be smoking in your room an extra charge of XXX will be made to cover the extra cleaning of furnishings and fabrics. 
  • Even though we love animals, we don’t allow pets into our rooms. It is important to us that all of our guests feel relaxed and at home and some people may have an allergy or can be scared. 
House rules
  1. Smoking is injurious to this room… please do not smoke in the room or toilet. You can however smoke on the veranda and ashtrays have been provided.
  2. Check in is at 2:00PM and check out is at 11:00AM  
  3. All guests are required to share their government ID during check in  
  4. Switch OFF when leaving the room, especially air-conditioners.  
  5. Please report damages immediately  
  6. Feel free to use the kitchen, but please clean up after use  
  7. Please keep our home secure and lock doors and windows when leaving  
  8. CCTV Camera is installed for security purpose only.  
  9. Please do not bring strangers without checking with us between 6 pm and 6 am  
  10. Love thy neighbor and try to keep the noise levels to a minimum  
  11. Pets are not allowed in the room. We love them, but our cleaning staff might be allergic to them  
  12. The only drugs allowed in the room are the ones that come with prescription  
  13. Please adhere to the WET and DRY garbage disposal instructions. Any empty disposable food containers must be rinsed/washed clean before disposing in the dry garbage. We will charge additional fees if not adhered to.  
  14. Please do not flush tissue papers, sanitary napkins , baby diapers etc as it may choke the sewer line. We provide disposable bags for sanitary pads.  
  15. Please use the shower/tap provided outside your room to ensure you do not carry sand inside your room.  
  16. If you need to use an iron sometimes, it can be provided on request.  
  17. The most important rule…ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!! 
Availability and use of property
  • The Sabina Homestays management and staff will do its best to ensure that all facilities listed  will be available during your stay. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be available as maintenance and other work may be necessary from time to time. 
  • South Goa often experiences powercuts and blackouts, mostly of very short duration. This obviously is beyond our control. 
  • Property pictures are real. Also there might be some change in products, colours or things and may not be perfect as appears in picture.